Technical Information


V12LS eDrawings to help you model that perfect one off show car. Please contact us for exact drawings of flanges etc. before you start on that CNC masterpiece.

Engine Solidowrks:

Engine easm:

Engine x_t:

Engine 1.75" Exhaust flange:


Firing Order

The V12LS fires in the same order as Ferrari and most other V12 engines out there. Be sure to configure your ECU with the odd-fire angles, and if using wasted spark refer to this diagram to get your firing pairs setup correctly.

V12LS firing order and ignition driver for waste spark configuration.


If eDrawings are not your thing, get out a tape measure and measure 8.8 inches longer than an LS V8 to see how the LS12 will fit your project. Here is a drawing of our block to help you out.

Long Block Weight

Approximate dry long block weight based on dry engines we have shipped on DHL scales:

Mechanical Reference

Startup Maps

Coming soon, we will post up the best running maps from our prototype and test engines. Nothing beats a good dyno session, but these should get you